Mass Storage Class Device Verification Tool

MSCDVT (Mass Storage Class Device Verification Tool) tests device response to all mandatory commands. The MSCDVT deliverable, which includes the MCCI Generic Windows host driver, supports tests of single commands as well as tests of scripted command sequences.

MCCI MSCDVT has been verified with the MCCI Catena® 1820 and MCCI Catena 1650 Hi-Speed and Full-Speed UASP device applications. It has also been designed to match MCCI’s xHCI USB 3.0 SuperSpeed host driver framework for the UASP 3.0 extension.

Commands Tested:

MSCDVT tests the following commands:

  • USB Standard Device Requests
    • USB 2.0 Specification, Section 9.4
  • UASP Commands
    • UAS–Working Draft Revision 2, Sections SPC-4 and SBC-3
  • BOTP Commands
    • UAS–Working Draft Revision 2, Sections, SPC-4 and SBC-3
    • USB Mass Storage Class Bulk-Only Transport Revision 1.0
Graphical Interface

You can execute commands using the MSCDVT GUI. This interface provides a hierarchy of UASP and BOTP commands. Using the GUI, you can browse and select the specific commands that you want to execute. The selected commands can be executed with the default or last used arguments or new arguments


The Bright script engine is embedded within MSCDVT. Bright is a general-purpose C-like portable programming language developed by MCCI. UASP and BOTP commands can be executed from scripts. The scripts also provide functions to generate test reports in HTML Device Detection and Driver Installation MSCDVT identifies all MSC devices which do not have the MCCI generic driver installed and supports the installation of the MCCI generic driver.

System Requirements
  • IBM Compatible PC
  • Windows XP or later versions
Available Versions
  • Eval Version — This is a full feature time-locked, key-protected version. Contact
  • Full Feature Version — This is a key-protected version in which the user is allowed to edit and create new scripts. Contact
MSCDVT Architecture Diagram

MSCDVT Block Diagram