Catena 2210

MirrorLink™ Test System

US $1,995 (non-CCC-member),
US $695 (CCC member)
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The Catena 2210 is a test tool with two USB Network Control Model ("NCM") devices.  These devices create a bridge between two USB hosts. Validation testing is made possible by connecting a test control computer to the USB host being tested. Ethernet traffic from the test host is transferred through the Catena 2210 device to the control host, and vice versa.

MCCI Catena 2210

Because the Catena 2210 is based on the MCCI USB DataPump, it can be readily adapted to simulate USB-level behavior that is specific to a given device, and so can serve for USB-level regression testing for hosts that must be compatible with a wide range of devices.

The Catena 2210 NCM Verfication Tool was selected for use by the Car Connectivity Consortium (formerly, Terminal Mode Consortium). If you are a consortium member, you may purchase the Catena 2210 at the consortium promotional price of US $695.00. Please contact for more information.

Picture of 2210, showing connectors and buttons

The Catena 2210 kit includes the following:

  • Catena 2210
  • One STD-A to STD-B USB cable (1M)
  • Two STD-A to Micro-B USB cables (1M)
  • "MCCI Catena 2210 QuickStart Guide" doc# 971001019

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