USB Resource Compiler

The MCCI® USB Resource Compiler (USBRC) simplifies the development of descriptors for USB peripherals.

Instead of hand compilation of data and descriptor tables, USBRC allows the developer to describe the USB devices in plain text. The compiler translates the descriptive files into C data initialization structures intended to be placed in ROM. USBRC reads a text file containing a high-level description of a particular USB device, and produces another file containing several tables of data, suitable for feeding to an ANSI C compiler. At runtime, the device firmware can pass the data to the host in response to GET DESCRIPTOR commands, transmitting the data directly from ROM.

Version 2 of USBRC is integrated with the MCCI USB DataPump®, and is shipped as part of that package. Several non-current versions are available separately, without the DataPump integration, as free downloads.

USB Resource Compiler Downloads