PPP LAN Driver

As cellular network operators to begin to tell handset makers to design an Ethernet-style interface into their products, OEMs are forced to choose between taking the expensive route of redesigning their handset hardware or trying to find a reliable and transferable off-the-shelf software driver to satisfy operator requirements.

The MCCI® PPP LAN (Point-to-Point LAN) driver solves this problem by supporting connections to fast, contemporary cellular networks while leveraging the existing modem connection. It presents a familiar user interface to the end user. The benefits of using MCCI PPP LAN driver software are many:

  • The cellular network connection shows up in the Network Adapters section in Windows Device Manager.
    • The MCCI PPP LAN Driver gives PC users an interface they recognize.
  • The connection is “Always On.”
    • If the connection is dropped or lost, the MCCI PPP LAN driver automatically attempts to re-establish the connection.
    • The MCCI PPP LAN driver automatically configures and dials once the mobile handset is connected, providing a much better user experience.
  • The MCCI PPP LAN driver provides the ability to independently set the TCP window size, reducing performance issues.
    • The default setting is 60KB — much too large for slow connections. Use PPP LAN to change the setting and avoid bottlenecks at the modem.
  • MCCI PPP LAN technology applies directly to mobile handset vendors’ legacy platforms.
    • No need for firmware upgrades.

In addition, PPP LAN drivers fix the following Windows-specific issues:

  • TAPI and dial-up networking on various Windows operating systems are eliminated.
    • For example, without PPP LAN, if a dial-up networking session is active while the user is entering or resuming from a suspend, the modem comes back but the TAPI line device is missing.

The MCCI Advantage: The PPP LAN driver once again proves MCCI’s commitment to total systems management by providing handset vendors with an optimal solution to the requirement being handed down by cellular network operators. We provide end users with the transparent solution they want. We provide developers with resolution to several known Microsoft Windows issues. Handsets that use PPP LAN automatically stay connected so users can confidently perform normal tasks.