Handover Drivers

Today’s cellphones and other communications devices integrate multiple radios – GSM or CDMA, UMTS, and, becoming more common, WLAN. End users want to enjoy uninterrupted calls whether their primary network is available or not. Cellphones with multiple radios are designed to seamlessly “hand calls over” between 3G and 2G networks. This is all possible because the integration is typically done on a single baseband processor, allowing tight coordination of the various modem stacks. However, as more technologies appear to support Wide Area Networking, such as LTE and WiMax, further integration onto a single baseband becomes tremendously complex and costly.

Handover Drivers


If the objective is to support Internet applications with a PC, the handover of the data session from, for example, a UMTS modem to an LTE modem can be handled by the PC’s USB driver. There is no standard approach for such handover driver solutions, so it is important to choose a partner with the right technology blocks and the systems level experience to understand the customer’s needs and requirements and build an optimal solution.

There are different approaches to deploying handover drivers, and customers should discuss their particular needs with MCCI to decide on the best approach. Fundamentally, there are two approaches to address the problem:

Virtual Bus Architecture


This approach is based on proven MCCI technology. It allows for fastest possible Time-to-Market and is also the highest performing. All solution components are based on MCCI products, including the driver for both modems.

Intermediate Driver Approach


This approach uses an NDIS intermediate filter driver. It allows support of a third party driver for the second modem. The performance overhead is higher when using filter drivers. However, this approach best matches Microsoft requirements.

Handovers can be triggered by the network or the handset. MCCI drivers can be configured for either type of handover.

MCCI Quality and Reliability

MCCI technology has been delivered in over 700 million consumer products to date. Our customers place their USB needs for their high volume products confidently in the hands of MCCI. We have the world’s largest USB software team, with a world-wide support presence that allows us to address customer support needs around the clock.

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