Mobile Broadband Data Card Drivers

Mobile broadband technology, also called wireless wide area network (WWAN) technology, provides wireless high-speed Internet access for mobile devices, including mobile phones, mobile dongles, and data cards. With mobile broadband, end-users can connect to the Internet from any location where there is wireless broadband (WCDMA, EVDO, HSPA, LTE, WiMax) service.

In Windows 7, and Windows 8, Microsoft defines the following Mobile Broadband standards and models:

  • Network connectivity through packet switched Wireless WAN (3GPP/3GPP2) technologies
  • A new logo program for Mobile Broadband devices
  • A new API for application development
  • A new driver model for Mobile Broadband devices
    • Supports packet-switched data connectivity for Wireless WAN devices
    • Is interconnect agnostic, meaning it works with USB, PCMCIA/PC Card, and other interconnect technologies
    • Employs a new NDIS mechanism, NdisMediumWirelessWAN
    • Is designed for slow response, AT-command based devices
    • Is based on the NDIS6.20 miniport driver model
The MCCI Windows 7/8 MBN Solution

The MCCI MBN driver is a complete Windows 7, Windows8-compatible, USB-based, 3GPP/3GPP2 solution that supports all the basic MBN functionality, such as:

  • Device management
  • Radio state management
  • Connectivity management
  • Profile management
  • Short Message Service (SMS)
  • Personal Identification Number (PIN)
  • Custom Activation
  • Vendor specific operation

The MCCI product also supports the following optional functionality:

  • Retargetable NDIS 6.2 Framework
  • RMnet/QMI Support
  • ECM and NCM Support
  • PPP Support (for legacy platforms without network interface)
  • Handover Driver Support (for products with multiple radios)
  • Auto-install from Mass Storage
  • Multi-Function Support
  • InstallRight Pro
WHQL Logo Support

If a laptop is sold by an OEM with an embedded broadband datacard, the laptop’s Win7/Win8 system logo will be based on the logo certificate of the embedded module under the Windows 7, and Windows 8 “mobile broadband“ category, not the “unclassified” program that certifies cell phones. With the MCCI MBN driver in your product, WHQL certification is no show stopper.

MBN Driver Architecture

MBN Driver Architecture

MCCI Networked Solution for Mobile Broadband

Networked Solution

MCCI Quality and Reliability

MCCI technology has been delivered in over 700 million consumer products to date. Our customers place their USB needs for their high volume products confidently in the hands of MCCI. We have the world’s largest USB software team, with a world-wide support presence that allows us to address customer support needs around the clock.