CDC WMC Abstract Control Model (ACM)

The MCCI® USB Modem Integration Package (an implementation of CDC WMC ACM) allows OEMs to create a USB modem (or other product that uses Dial-Up Networking) quickly and cost-effectively. MCCI combines firmware with WDM drivers that provide Plug and Play modem operation in Windows systems.

Key Features
  • The MCCI USB DataPump® provides a standard interface between the peripheral firmware and the USB controller silicon.
  • MCCI 's modem solution is completely compatible with USB Communications Device Class (CDC) Abstract Control Model (ACM).
  • All required USB class firmware is provided to allow a rapid implementation on the device.
  • Modules can be sold separately or as a full package.
  • MCCI's customers benefit from MCCI's years of technical experience. MCCI senior software engineers have a complete understanding of how Windows WDM drivers work as well as a complete understanding of the USB specifications. MCCI's customers can focus on developing features that differentiate their product and to take advantage of the opportunities available to companies who enter the market early.
  • Compared to standard operating system offerings, the MCCI Communication Class drivers are much faster.
  • MCCI or our customers can adapt the drivers to work around any deficiencies or limitations in the device USB silicon.