IoT and Long Range RF

From start-ups to seasoned businesses, hobbyists to high-tech companies, LoRaWAN™ technology is the low-cost alternative that’s upending the IoT status quo around the world, transmitting for miles with battery life measured in years. Here’s how MCCI can help.


More intelligent business starts with LoRaWAN technology. For all your remote sensing needs – whether for industrial, enterprise or consumer applications – MCCI’s LoRaWAN technology products will give you high performance, low power and seamless usability in both urban and rural environments. (Yeah, pretty smart!)


Want to do a remote-sensing project with public or private networks, but want assistance? We can put our experience to work for you, from end-to-end system design to the details of software and hardware implementation.


Reduce your building’s energy consumption by 20 percent! Thanks to NerveCircuit by MCCI, it’s now easy and affordable to get a live look at how your building uses power.


Support services from a team with total system knowledge … yet another reason why MCCI customers are customers for life.


For over twenty years we've been developing and licensing USB system software to be embedded into our customers’ consumer-electronics products.


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