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The Internet of Things (IoT) has marked the start of the smart world — smart homes, smart cities, smart enterprises and smart manufacturing. MCCI Interconnect Solutions Pvt. Ltd.(MIS) with its multi-faceted tech proficiency perfectly fits into this smart picture. MIS’s IoT developers team stands as the convergence point for companies looking to put together all the pieces of an IoT puzzle.

MIS has the experience of working with most of the IoT technical platforms, languages, and frameworks to help you create a secure and scalable IoT solution that fits your business needs. From creating the solution’s architecture to sensors to building cloud infrastructure, MIS can help you every step of the way with both hardware and software.

The experience of MIS members is more than ten years in building custom software products, the unit has all it takes to deliver impactful IoT solutions to enterprises across industries. MIS renders internet of things development services, delivering custom solutions that harness the power of connected devices to advance lifestyles and empower enterprises with next-generation IoT products.

Combining tech expertise and industry-specific knowledge, MIS develops diverse custom solutions for small, medium-sized and enterprise-grade businesses. MIS builds custom solutions from scratch, ensuring seamless integration with existing environments and systems. We extend this offering to startup products and large-scale business process automation alike.

As a custom software development company, MIS makes use of an extensive set of programming languages, frameworks, libraries, and tools for projects of any scale and complexity.

The IoT has now become a reality due to the convergence of various technologies. Developing IoT enabled product requires a different sort of consulting approach, which can offer an intense collaboration between the domain experts, manufacturers and the IT consultants. Thus, it must be approached in a comprehensive manner.

Being one of the top IoT application development company, we take care of all the product software requirements while delivering end-user applications. We follow a structured approach and principles for developing IoT application for businesses:

  • Connect existing technology to build a secure IoT platform
  • Create seamless experiences across platforms and channels
  • Enhance the product continuously
  • Deliver a functioning IoT environment to collect data relevant to the business
  • Analyze collected data for insights that can be used for decision-making

MIS’s IoT software solutions

IoT Consulting Services

MIS as one of the renowned IoT Consulting firms, provides consulting and advisory services. We visualize & define the overall IoT implementation roadmap aligning with existing and new business models resulting from IoT strategy. We not only make companies realize the benefits of IoT, but also help them overcome challenges like security and interoperability.

Intelligent Edge

Powerful, optimized edge computing combined with machine learning enables high-volume throughput of millions of events per second, and low-latency response times. Distributed, in-memory grid processing running in commodity hardware environments can scale linearly as your data grows.

IoT Data management

Managing data from IoT devices is an important aspect of a real-time analytics journey. MIS offers a Big Data Streaming solution that provides AI-driven, end-to-end management for IoT and streaming data. The solution leverages the Sense-Reason-Act framework for IoT data management, which enables customers to ingest data from IoT sources (sense), apply business logic on the IoT data (reason), and operationalize actions on the IoT device (act)

Data Analytics

Combining streaming data with advanced analytics and AI reveals patterns that empower real-time decisions. Advanced analytics and mathematical algorithms are developed using rich histories of stored data that can be encoded into data streams, enabling continuous scoring of streaming data.

IoT System Integration

We help organizations in end-to-end system integration with IoT, offering everything from designing network architecture to integration, customization, configuration and migration services giving due consideration to compatibility with their existing infrastructure


For over twenty years we've been developing and licensing USB system software to be embedded into our customers’ consumer-electronics products.


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