Handover Drivers Press Release

Dual-Mode WiMax/3G Handsets Enabled by MCCI

ITHACA, N.Y. and BARCELONA, February 16, 2009

MCCI Corporation, the world’s leading developer of USB connectivity for the mobile phone industry, today announced the availability of software that allows wireless devices to seamlessly transfer calls and Internet activity between a 3G cellular network and a WiMax network. This means that users of handsets supporting both a cellular technology and WiMax can take advantage of the highest available data rates. Cellular operators throughout the world are adding capacity and services to the 3G cellular network through complementary WiMax and LTE networks.

The MCCI product is a ‘handover driver,’ which transfers the voice call or Internet data flow from, for example, the CDMA radio to the WiMax radio within the mobile phone. The handover is done reliably by measuring and comparing the signals from each radio and choosing the best available network. The transfer is also transparent to the end user.

"Both operators and end users benefit from dual-mode mobile phones,” explains Terry Moore, MCCI CEO. “There’s no intervention from the customer required, so it’s easy for the customer to switch over to the higher WiMax data rates when available. On the other hand, operators benefit from optimized network usage and can deliver higher quality services resulting in happier customers."

MCCI has brought its USB and system expertise to mobile phone developers around the world for several years. Operators have called on MCCI’s knowledge to provide product specifications, consulting, and validation tools. MCCI USB driver products, including handover drivers, are also available for other cellular communications systems, such as LTE. MCCI firmware and driver products provide maximum value to customers.


MCCI’s Dual-Mode mobile phone technology is available in second quarter 2009. For additional information, contact sales@mcci.com.

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