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MCCI and KDDI Deliver Wireless Convergence in the au BOX
MCCI Unveils Linux-based USB Class Driver Solution

ITHACA, N.Y. and TOKYO, September 25, 2008

MCCI Corporation, the world’s leading supplier of Universal Serial Bus (USB) software technology for the mobile phone industry, today announced that its USB class driver solution has been deployed by KDDI, a leading mobile network operator in Japan.

MCCI’s Linux-based driver functionality is now included in KDDI’s au BOX, a convergence set-top box that offers a “PC-free” connection to the Internet and allows users to download movies and music on their mobile phones and televisions from KDDI’s online music and video store. The multi-faceted au BOX can rip audio CD content for transfer to the phone, and it can receive music downloads from the ChakuUta Full service via an au phone.

"KDDI is delighted to be able to provide even more customers with the opportunity to enjoy music and video freely and easily through the au BOX," said Mr. Makoto Takahashi, Associate Senior Vice President Member of the Board of KDDI. "KDDI aims to become a "lifestyle navigator," providing services that support and enhance its customers' lifestyles by responding to their needs and tastes for mobile content like music, movies, and sports, while also keeping KDDI one step ahead of its competitors. We feel confident that the au BOX will lead to more enjoyable home entertainment for its users. We also expect that our selection of MCCI's technology, which has an outstanding track record in supporting USB connectivity solutions worldwide, will help us to realize our business vision for fixed mobile and broadcasting convergence (FMBC). "

According to Yoshihiro Tsuchiya, editor in chief of RIC Telecom, “KDDI’s innovative joining of mobile phone technology to the set-top box addresses ‘mobile-phone-only’ users. The number of users in this segment has become a significant portion of the market, in some countries more than 14%.”

MCCI was selected by KDDI as their connectivity software vendor because of MCCI’s achievement in delivering 500 million firmware and USB class driver products to market. KDDI earlier chose MCCI to define the USB connectivity specification and develop the corresponding test tools for the au mobile network. Based on the success of that experience, MCCI was the natural choice for USB class driver development.

“The au BOX is Linux-based, and Linux software poses some unique problems for consumer equipment manufacturers,” said Terry Moore, CEO of MCCI. “KDDI needed a single vendor to deliver not only a high quality Linux-based product but also support for high-volume production. Our flexible host driver solution is the only real option on the market to accomplish this.”

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