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MCCI Partners with Synopsys to Accelerate SuperSpeed USB Development
Customers to benefit from faster, easier product development

ITHACA, NEW YORK, November 17, 2008

MCCI® Corporation, the world’s leading developer of USB connectivity for the mobile phone industry, today announced a partnership with Synopsys, a world leader in software and IP for semiconductor design and manufacturing, to help mutual customers bring SuperSpeed USB 3.0 products to market in 2009. The two companies are working together to combine MCCI’s USB 3.0 SuperSpeed DataPump for embedded devices with DesignWare IP supporting the SuperSpeed USB standard. SuperSpeed USB 3.0 addresses the need for transferring or streaming large media files, such as those on Blu-ray discs. Compared to Hi-Speed USB, SuperSpeed USB 3.0 offers a 10x speed increase and reduced power consumption.

“Synopsys and MCCI are working closely together to help designers bring the high performance benefits of SuperSpeed USB into their next generation SoCs with less risk and improved time to market,” said John Koeter, vice president of marketing for the Solutions Group at Synopsys. “Our collaboration helps ensure that MCCI’s SuperSpeed USB software drivers and firmware works seamlessly with Synopsys’ high quality DesignWare SuperSpeed USB IP, providing a complete system-level solution from software to the PHY layers.”

The MCCI USB DataPump® is the world’s leading USB embedded device solution, included in 500 million consumer products over the past four years. The DataPump can be used in most embedded environments and is portable across microcontrollers and Real-Time Operating Systems. Proven support for almost all device protocols such as HID, Mass Storage, Communications Device Class, Wireless Mobile Communication, Audio, Video and others is available. According to Terry Moore, CEO of MCCI, “Consumer products are becoming increasingly complex. MCCI brings a proven product portfolio to USB SuperSpeed. For OEMs who wish to achieve market leadership, it is extremely important to leverage MCCI’s and Synopsys’ existing products and experience as well as the investment in new technologies that the MCCI and Synopsys partnership makes possible.”

In addition to Blu-ray Discs, hard drives, flash card readers, and optical drives such as DVD and HD DVD will benefit from SuperSpeed USB 3.0’s increased connectivity speed. “SuperSpeed USB will be targeted initially at the PC market and in devices requiring high rates and volumes of data transfer, such as external storage, CE, and communications devices with increasing amounts of storage,” explained In-Stat Analyst Brian O’Rourke. Digital still cameras and camcorders, external hard-disk drives, and portable digital media players are all expected to deploy SuperSpeed USB by 2010.

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