Product Testing Overview

As one of the nine test labs certified by USB-IF, MCCI® can quickly and authoritatively test low-speed, full-speed and high-speed devices. As a certified USB-IF logo-test facility, we can save you time, and give you expert advice. MCCI's engineering capabilities allow us to help in diagnosing failures and recommending solutions.

MCCI can do Microsoft Windows Hardware Quality Labs (WHQL) testing for a variety of USB device classes, including network adapters, serial ports, modems, and ADSL adapters. In addition, MCCI test engineers will prepare the bulk of the WHQL submission package for you, based on your input. You simply do the final submission.

The MCCI PictBridge Logo testing facility includes hardware, test PCs, test and debugging software as well as a qualified staff of lab engineers and test lab technicians. The MCCI PictBridge Interop Lab is equipped with a broad range of printers for interoperability testing with your cellular handset.