PictBridge Certification Testing

PictBridge Logo Certification Testing is required in order for you to display the PictBridge Logo on your merchandise. These services provide handset device manufacturers with a premium quality test and engineering validation environment for PictBridge-capable Digital Still Camera (DSC) handsets. The MCCI® PictBridge Logo testing facility includes hardware, test PCs, test and debugging software as well as a qualified staff of lab engineers and test lab technicians. In addition, MCCI offers high-level USB engineering consultation if requested.

As a leading developer of USB drivers and firmware, MCCI's experience in developing PictBridge technology for cellular handsets provides a unique combination of expert testing and expert problem resolution. MCCI offers three PictBridge testing options:

  • Formal PictBridge Logo Testing at MCCI
  • On-site PictBridge Logo Testing Assistance at Your Facility
  • PictBridge Printer Interoperability Testing at MCCI

Formal PictBridge Logo Testing at MCCI

Formal PictBridge Logo Testing is intended for companies who have a high degree of certainty that their device will pass all testing the first time through the test suite. This testing is only recommended for devices that are fully production/market ready. Because the MCCI USB DataPump® has passed PictBridge Logo tests previously, customers can have a high degree of confidence that their embedded DataPump solution for PictBridge is ready for formal Logo submission. MCCI will perform the following services:

  • Run the full suite of PictBridge Logo tests under Windows XP
  • Record, analyze and report each failure
  • Provide the required test result files from the Logo test suite for you to submit for the official certification

PictBridge Logo Testing Prerequisites

To qualify for PictBridge Logo Certification Testing your company must comply with the Camera and Imaging Products Association (CIPA) instructions and the System Solution Center Tochigi (SSCT) instructions which may be found at: http://www.cipa.jp/pictbridge/certification.

The PictBridge Certification Test Tool, which your company must purchase from the SSCT, generates test result files. When you purchase the Certification Test Tool, you will obtain a unique CD-Key, which must be entered into the test tool. Each company submitting test results for official Logo certification must do so using their own CD-Key.

Before MCCI can provide PictBridge Logo Testing for your product, you must be able to provide us your CD-Key. MCCI will only use the CD-Key for testing your product.

Upon receipt of your test results you will need to submit your PictBridge Logo Test results to the PictBridge Certification Center. Instructions for submission may be obtained on the CIPA website at the URL listed above.

On-site PictBridge Logo Testing Assistance at Your Facility

An MCCI support engineer will provide assistance with PictBridge Logo Tests, run on your equipment at your company's facility. You must obtain the PictBridge Logo Test suite software and CD-Key prior to the date scheduled for onsite testing assistance. You will also need to prepare a Windows XP computer, and the device to be tested must be fully set up and ready for the testing.