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MCCI® is the world's leading developer of software supporting USB connectivity in PCs and embedded systems. Our broad product line allows our customers to choose the components and services they need to provide full USB support in their systems.

TrueTask® USB

TrueTask USB is the first portable platform for USB in embedded systems. This fully validated USB host and device software stack provides stable APIs that are portable across product lines, and stable. TrueTask USB therefore uniquely preserves investment in USB application development, testing and validation.

USB Class Drivers

MCCI offers a comprehensive line of USB host class drivers for Windows, Macintosh, and Linux based platforms. Our drivers support industry standards, which make it easier for you to use, support, and sell your products. Our class drivers for USB hosts include those for handsets (WMC 1.1, MCPC GL-004/005), mobile broadband data cards, handover drivers for dynamically switching across different wireless networks, and high-speed networking drivers based on MBIM, NCM, ECM, and EEM. For optimum power management of portable devices, we offer comprehensive support for Selective Suspend. We offer ADB drivers for Windows to ease debugging of Android systems. MCCI's ExpressDisk products include high-performance mass storage drivers supporting USB bulk-only transport (BOT) and USB Attached SCSI (UAS). For devices for which a specific class driver is not needed (because they work with dedicated applications, not by supplying OS-defined kernel interfaces), MCCI offers generic drivers that are fully supported. More...


MCCI provides portable firmware packages as total solutions for engineers designing high-performance multi-function USB peripheral devices. Available packages include the MCCI USB DataPump®, MCCI NCM, MCCI Embedded Host and OTG, the MCCI MTP responder for adding Windows Media Player compatibility to devices, and MCCI PictBridge, enabling direct printing from devices to PictBridge printers.

Development Tools

MCCI offers a complete suite of tools that can simplify the development of USB products. MCCI development tools provide firmware developers with everything they need to prototype USB On-The-Go host and device firmware, as well as MTP and PictBridge device firmware solutions in Microsoft Visual C, while working on a Windows XP through 8.1 system. The OTG development tools are ideal for use in early prototyping and proof of concept, development of class drivers for an embedded host stack, and for evaluating OTG system architectural concepts before product hardware is available.

MCCI also offers special purpose development hardware. The Catena 1910 allows testing of HSIC USB devices and hosts with Windows systems. The MCCI USB 3.0 Connection Exerciser is an inexpensive tool for automatically testing device connection and disconnection. The Catena 2210 allows remote testing of protocol implementations, and is a standard test fixture for MirrorLink™ system testing.