Driver Updates

If you have MCCI® drivers for an accessory or computer peripheral, we recommend that you first contact the vendor of your hardware, to see if they have an update available. MCCI generally makes drivers available to our OEM customers when new operating system versions are released.

Because vendors sell a wide variety of products, with our drivers and without, and sometimes with modifications from what we provided them, we strongly recommend that you contact your vendor in order to get an accurate update.

If this approach fails, please ask questions by sending email to and we will do our best to help you get the drivers you need to make your hardware work.

MCCI has drivers that provide XP support for the following older devices.

  • Compaq laptops using a SMSC USB Networking Device
  • Original Lucent-type V.90 USB modems, sold by a variety of OEMs
  • 3COM Business Pro ISDN adapters and V.90 modems
Please contact MCCI by sending email to for more information.

Some vendors are still shipping pre Windows-2000 drivers. If you get a message asking you to provide mccicmnt.sys, mcciwhnt.sys, or a similar name, as part of an upgrade, and you are unable to obtain Windows XP/Vista/Win7 drivers from your hardware vendor, please ask for help by writing to us at We will do our best to help you find drivers, if any are available.